December 27, 2008

Cardboard Man

He's like Iron Man, made of Cardboard boxes.

Lineart: Flash
Colors: Photoshop


Il est comme Iron Man, fait de boîtes de carton.

Tracé: Flash
Couleurs: Photoshop


Food and Drugs said...

Is he a supervillain? I would prefer that because I'm not so convinced that as a superhero he could be too succesful... ;-)

Amazing. I liked it a lot.

damon said...

ha ha ha love it

chris chUa! said...

ha ha! awesome!!

iluvpsp said...

He is cool


Dude, that would be the coolest Halloween costume ever.

David Kow said...

you are so great, great artist!!

Charlie Immer said...

Hey Matt-

Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog. I have been checking your blog as well. Your work is great. Awesome Characters, line work, color palette and humor.

Christine said...

Ahahhaaha j'aime bien la façon dont son point faible est affiché ;) Super pratique!!!!

l e d o said...

Again with the crisp clean lines, ... awesome. I love this design.